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integration XVmatic

Интеграционные решения "XVmatic" ГК "Контрол"The company "MTT Control" has been developing and implementing systemsintegration for fifteen years. During this time, the market expanded systems integration so that the consumer is sometimes difficult to understand the essence of integration. Most often, integration is now reduced to running multipleoperating programs in a single window. The user must understand themselves in difficult languages ​​in which these programs were written.

We present a new generation of systems integration - Xvmatic. And for this we introduce, first of all, the new definition of integration. Integration XVmatic - a setof common services across systems. Integration XVmatic - a set of specific decisions, rather than an abstract concept. You buy the options they need you.


The integration offers a single XVmatic services for the following systems:

system burglar alarm;
fire alarm system;
system access control;
TV system security and surveillance;
Perimeter security system;
pass office and request passes;
guard means of communication;
uninterruptible power supplies;
climate sensors and sensor leakage and flooding;
public address system and telephone notification;
security system;
life support systems.

The main principle of integration XVmatic - a three-level control system

The first level is controlled by one object, like a separate controller or video surveillance cameras and a reader for one door. The second level of control objects within one system, for example - all the cameras in a CCTV system or all of the controllers and readers in access control system. The third level allows the complex integration of all systems, providing common services to all of them.

Integration XVmatic on the third level - is

· Logical machine, with the general templates configurator and virtual objects;

· Custom built algorithms and integration;

• Set program agents to communicate with different systems;

· Remote control.

The system is also interesting in that it is not just intellectual, it is - Self-learning.For example, it learns to recognize the device on a specific pattern, and thus does not need to enter all the objects in the system. The system will do it myself.In addition, it assigns each device a unique number.

Of the following options you can choose any to use in your business. The price of the system varies depending on the number of selected options.

A single display of information

Integration XVmatic includes service on a single display of information. This is accomplished with a single client - a universal platform XViewsion, as well as the display system Smart Wall, which produces the union of several objects on one screen. Information on facilities and systems is displayed with a local configurator, plans, tables, and logic.

Events in the system are displayed by color. The system learns to assimilate the profile of objects.

Common data storage

System integration XVmatic combines all internal systems and on the basis of information storage. It includes options (you can select one or more of them):

· General recent events, including video, audio, photo;

· Video archive;

· Sound archive;

· Archive of personal data (protected software and hardware);

· Archive scenarios;

· Archive objects.

Uniform processing of information. Analytics

Information processing and analysis of various systems can also be represented within a unified system integrating XVmatic. This scenario can be implemented at all three levels of the system.

We represent you a standard set of options, analysts, of which your company can choose any:

· Motion detector;

· Regulations of the four eyes;

· Reports;

· Recognition biometric face fingers, hands, eyes;

· Identification numbers of cars;

· Identification numbers of cars;

· Recognition passport.

Information transfer

Single communication center, built according to your wishes in the system XVmatic, you can send information through

• Telephone,

· E-mail (with a common format of the event)

· SMS,

· Checkpoint connection

· Videoconference

· Public address system

It is also possible the implementation of sending alarm messages to a single client with a speech synthesizer.

Time synchronization for all systems

A very useful option of integrating XVmatic is to synchronize the time on all systems. In this case, it can be carried out on signals from a specialized server, and the signals of global GPS.

Privacy policy

A single system of information security for all systems include the following divergent options:

· Electronic lock,

· Disk encryption,

· Firewalls and encryption,

· Antivirus.

Control personnel access to information and hardware and software tools

Often, enterprises need to exercise control over what the staff during working hours. In addition, sometimes there are facilities and programs, which can access only certain individuals. For such cases, a group of companies "control" included in the system integration XVmatic the following options:

· Face recognition,


· Fractal screen

· Connection with the protection of information

· Control the presence of operators and administrators SSOI in the workplace (with periodic validation of the password)

· A single administration of user rights.

Other common services for all systems by integrating XVmatic:

· Common diagnosis (health monitoring hardware and software);

• Fast disaster recovery and / or replacement of equipment;

· Unified monitoring and management of energy supplies;

· Control of climatic parameters of the working environment (temperature and humidity).

For more information on system integration XVmatic

Integration of access controlDevelopment of engineering technical means of protection, the practice ofpreparing TOR, draft and implement systems for collecting and processing information, and the changing external factors of safety of objects, present aneed to clarify and expand the list of requirements for the system integration ofITSO and tasks.

In modern conditions SSOI should not only integrate ITSO systems into a single complex in order to improve its efficiency but also reduce the cost of hardware and operating system as a whole, to improve its reliability, automate routineactions of the security department to free up their time to deal with persistentnew challenges.

1. Service a single time

currently designed and created for all systems separately. If you take it to the problems of system integration, reduced costs by three times, and the accuracyand reliability will increase, as it does not require synchronization of the individual blocks of each system ITSO.

2. Monitoring and Power

The situation is similar. If the system ITSO set by different companies, and evenat different times, the facility can be up to three monitoring systems, andequipment often stands in the same premises. Therefore, placing the monitoring and management of energy supply in the system integration will reduce costs,reduce the costs of maintenance and reduce the workload on staff.

3. Control of climatic parameters

This system directly determines the reliability of complex ITSO. Requirements are stated in its terms of reference for each system separately. If this is the problem of integration, we get the cost savings and increased reliability.Additionally, you can include the installation of sensors flooding and leaking.

4. Transmission system, and event notification and alarms

Over the past 15 years the number of possible communication channels to transmit information and alerts has increased significantly:

- Internal telephone lines, urban, wireless, satellite,
- IP Telephony,
- Postovaya link
- Video conference
- Internal e-mail and open,
- IP public address system,
- Different data transfer protocols for computer networks.

From the variety of opportunities now being used on the strength of the tenth part. You need to add a requirement to support all these SSOI channels that extend the functionality of integration and will bring significant economic benefits. For example, IP telephony is ten times cheaper than local telephone lines, and given that all safety systems are based on their own computer networks, communication, notification, internal and guards over IP telephony does not require the payment of traffic.


Terminal automatic registration and issuance of passes at a discounted price!

СКУД для крупных объектов

СКУД крупных объектов

Мы предлагаем Вам фактически любое решение, связанное с системой контроля доступа. С помощью нашей системы вы сможете принять удаленно заказанную заявку на пропускзарегистрировать посетителя, выдать пропуск посетителю в бумажном виде или пластиковой карточкой, регистрировать и учитывать всех посетителей вашей организации, осуществлять управление турникетами и шлюзами, биометрически верифицировать и идентифицировать посетителей по отпечатку пальца или лицу, автоматически распознавать документы для прохода, создавать маршруты для посещения и прохода, производить учет рабочего времени сотрудников. СКД IDmatic может быть объединена с другими системами безопасности: видеонаблюдением, охранной сигнализацией, пожарной сигнализацией, постовой связью, системами оповещения и эвакуации людей.