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The system performs an automatic telephone dialing alert subscribers, in accordance with the specified parameters and writes the response, including in the form of subscriber dialed in tone mode code.

Telephone alert system works on the script and by operator. In automatic mode,an alert is an alarm SDS (in the absence of an operator in the workplace - aweekend night), by operator - after entering the command duty officer in the program of integration XVmatic.

To advertise on buses and cell phone numbers using PSTN line.

It is also envisaged to use IP-telephony devices.

In each case, the system alerts are given lists of subscribers to dial. All phone numbers and names of the subscribers are stored in a database.

The subsystem has the following features:

- Dial-up subscribers in the given list

- Every time you connect to the subscriber message and blurt written response to terminate the connection to the line.

- The answer is recorded in the archives with the ability to listen to later.

- If the line is busy or no answer after a specified time in the script is re-dialed.

- For each party provided a list of several phones. If you do not answer to the first number, dial-up is performed on the second, etc.

Duration subsystem messages less than 1 minute. The maximum duration of the recorded response - less than 1 minute. To store events with answers, using a database or archive storage space.

The system provides protection list home phone numbers of staff and officers of the facility from unauthorized access.

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