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System IP-telephony and guard connection IDMATIC PS designed for voice communication between the guard post on a computer network standard tcp/ip.

The main functions of the system:

1)      Routing calls based on caller ID, time, or an external command. Coupling scheme "star" and "triangle". Number of subscribers to the system is practically unlimited.

2)      Record all calls in mp3 format and the built-in storage archives with the possibility of long-term storage archive FRACTAL ARC and encrypted volumes. Access to the archive is carried from the workplace of the operator on the protocols CIFS/NFS/FTP

3)      Conference calling subscribers. The number of simultaneous participants defined version of the system.

4)      The ability to call customers with a positive response. Call mode, in which a unit or group of devices automatically answers outside of the actions of the subscriber. In this connection can be established as a one-way (notification) and full-duplex (intercom). Ability is determined by the version of the system.

5)      Police functions (admin): the ability to listen to the currently established connections to selected subscribers.

6)      Full integration with systems developed by experts of the Group Companies 'Control', such as e-mail terminal automatically register and Pass Fractal-T, the server script MANUSKRIPT, video archive and a unified customer XARCHIVE XVIEWSION.

7)      Ability to video conference with an electronic terminal automatically register and Pass Fractal-T, and as a consequence, the creation of completely deserted checkpoint.

The system can work as a local area network, or via the Internet in the absence of routing nat, the channel width of 64 kbit / s and delays in sending packets to 400ms. Can also be used ip tunnels, including encrypted, generally accepted standards (pptp, ipsec, openvpn), as well as the use of the PSTN and cellular lines.

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СКУД для крупных объектов

СКУД крупных объектов

Мы предлагаем Вам фактически любое решение, связанное с системой контроля доступа. С помощью нашей системы вы сможете принять удаленно заказанную заявку на пропускзарегистрировать посетителя, выдать пропуск посетителю в бумажном виде или пластиковой карточкой, регистрировать и учитывать всех посетителей вашей организации, осуществлять управление турникетами и шлюзами, биометрически верифицировать и идентифицировать посетителей по отпечатку пальца или лицу, автоматически распознавать документы для прохода, создавать маршруты для посещения и прохода, производить учет рабочего времени сотрудников. СКД IDmatic может быть объединена с другими системами безопасности: видеонаблюдением, охранной сигнализацией, пожарной сигнализацией, постовой связью, системами оповещения и эвакуации людей.