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У нас в Группе Компаний "Контрол" важный юбилей! На одном из больших объектов Москвы наша система видеонаблюдения XViewsion работает 10 лет непрерывно! При этом, по нормативам, она должна была работать всего 7 лет.

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Terminal automatic registration and issuance of passes at a discounted price!

СКУД для крупных объектов

СКУД крупных объектов

Мы предлагаем Вам фактически любое решение, связанное с системой контроля доступа. С помощью нашей системы вы сможете принять удаленно заказанную заявку на пропускзарегистрировать посетителя, выдать пропуск посетителю в бумажном виде или пластиковой карточкой, регистрировать и учитывать всех посетителей вашей организации, осуществлять управление турникетами и шлюзами, биометрически верифицировать и идентифицировать посетителей по отпечатку пальца или лицу, автоматически распознавать документы для прохода, создавать маршруты для посещения и прохода, производить учет рабочего времени сотрудников. СКД IDmatic может быть объединена с другими системами безопасности: видеонаблюдением, охранной сигнализацией, пожарной сигнализацией, постовой связью, системами оповещения и эвакуации людей.


Autonomous video surveillance system

Autonomous video surveillance systemGroup of companies "CONTROL" is autonomous surveillance system. The system provides entry and storage of video on removable media and is an ideal solution for the video at remote sites, and transportation.


Remote Business Management

Remote Business Management and protection against insider In modern conditions the head is necessary to control the business at any time from anywhere in the world. Remote Business Management, developed by the Group of companies control, allowing them to organize a reliable audio and video through multiple channels of data transmission, video surveillance and remote monitoring of office computer equipment.


The automatic Pass IDmatic-Bar

Passed IDmatic-bar System permits office and the entrance from paper badges with a bar code - the organization of admission to the company cheaply and as quickly as possible. Installing the system requires the development of a costly project.


XViewsion Internet

Xviewsion Internet Group of companies "control" is launching a revolutionary new service «Xviewsion Internet»! Now when you create and maintain a full-fledged professional video surveillance systems can cost-effectively manage! You only need a video camera and Internet connection!


Electronic terminal registration and issuance of permits

Electronic terminal registration and issuance of permits Specialist Group of Companies CONTROL is designed to automate the electronic terminal function of registration and issuance of badges to visitors of government and commercial organizations, businesses and institutions. The terminal is hardware-software system that provides...


Car plate recognition system

Car plate recognition system Hardware-software complex recording and reporting vehicles IDmatic-state number allows us to solve the problem of admission to the organization of transport PPC companies and organizations in the public parking lots and public events.


A new generation of video

A new generation of videoWorking with digital and analog cameras video. Image resolution - up to 11 Megapixels. Activity detector. Viewing, recording and transmission of frames on the network - up to 25 frames / sec. Support of archives records up to 36 terabytes, graphic planes of the object, the processing of information about alarms and events. Facial recognition in the on-line and off-line. Here are just a few of the characteristics of a new generation of video surveillance systems.


Control image with X-ray machines

Control image with X-ray machinesThe system allows simultaneous viewing and archiving of images displays X-ray machines used to inspect baggage and hand luggage. The possibility of long-term storage up to 10 million images.


Reports in IDmatic

Crystal ReportsProduce reports in IDmatic even easier! Specialists Group CONTROL ensure system integration and production of training passes IDmatic the popular report generator Crystal Reports. Now users can use IDmatic ample opportunities for Crystal Reports to create and view reports.


Collective Security Center of "MTT Control"

Collective Security CenterMultiscreen hardware and software package, which implements the principle of observing several objects. A single control room: video surveillance on the various channels of communication, information gathering from remote sites, management of distributed systems, an alarm, secure communications.