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Magnetic resonance imaging
MRI scanner - art too! (Figure scan of the nose) – the most modern and effective method of diagnosis, the creators of which three were awarded Nobel Prizes. Nevertheless, even in Russia scanners less than a thousand units. Makeimaging available to everyone, to replace the dangerous scan X-ray machines, CT scanners produce 15 000 in Russia - this is an open source project goals dglavnye "Public MRI scanner", which stands at the origins of the group companies' Control. "

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Many now argue that in Russia it is impossible to create something new, and all of the technology are taken only from the West. It is not.

Look at this picture. Here - the tomogram obtained by modern magnetic imagersin four different companies. Three of them were foreign: "Siemens", "Philips", "General Electric". One domestic - "MTT Control", which has developed scanner "Unitom." It is clear that much of a difference as there are no pictures.

Compare the quality of the image on the tomograms of different companies

And now look at the price of Public MRI scanner "Unitom" and the foreign magnetic scanners. Our scanner is 25 times cheaper, while consuming it is 100 times less electricity and does not require cryogenic plants work with liquid helium. This scanner can be set to any local hospital and really accessible to the general population of Russia, so we called the project "Public MRI scanner."

If we imagine, by analogy, a car, it would cost about 10 000 and consumed1,000 kilometers a liter of gasoline. This can really surprise the world.

Compare prices for scanners

At first glance it seems that this is unrealistic, but the scanner "Unitom" has successfully passed all clinical and technical tests, and received a permit for mass production, issued by the Ministry of Health and Human Development. In the operation of the real patients received 30 000 tomograms.

On the scanner there were requests from 40 countries.

Russian Academy of Sciences put forward a draft "Public MRI scanner" formed for the federal program of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade, "Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation until 2020 and beyond."

Currently, the project "Public MRI scanner" attended by leading Russian scientists from the Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University and MIPT. In particular, Sagdeev Renad Zinnurovich, Academician, Director of the International Tomography Center SB RAS from MSU - Petrusevich Yuri Mikhailovich, Professor, zam.zav. Department of Medical Physics of the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University, Pirogov Yuri A., Professor, Ustynyuk Yuri, Prof., Head. Lab. NMR chemical faculty of Moscow State University of MIPT - Yury Belousov, Professor, Head. Department of Theoretical Physics, MIPT, Grozny Ivan, Dean of the Faculty of Molecular Biology and Physics of MIPT.

All stages of the development of magnetic scanner "Unitom" held by our company, "MTT Control" on its own initiative without the involvement of the budget. Overall, this is the result of 30 years of research in the field of magnetic imaging. A number of original technical solutions protected by 16 patents. The world's first fully digital magnetic resonance scanner. Suffice it to say that in a second measurement is recorded and processed one billion bits of data in real time.

The biggest innovation risks we have assumed, but to begin mass production in a meaningful social field without the aid of the state is impossible!

At present, Russia is set 450 magnetic scanners. For comparison, in the U.S., 15 000!

Department of Health and Social Development will determine Russia's need for imagers from 1400 to 2000 pieces. If nothing changes, to buy these imagers state will abroad. At today's prices it can be spent up to 300 billion rubles. With this money can be released in Russia 50 000 People scanners, both for the domestic market and for export. All these facts clearly show the benefits of the Public MRI scanner, but when it comes to real innovation import substitution, we feel a strong resistance.

Department of Health and Social Development has recently been very active on high-tech medical equipment. A year ago, the order number 105n (March 11, 2009), magnetic scanner planned to equip only the republican centers, it now refers to the need to equip their district hospitals. It is undeniable progress.It is proposed path of development and production scanners - the creation of joint ventures with foreign firms. Way, proven in the automotive market. But any expert it is clear that this "screwdriver assembly". There are no new technologies in Russia no one will pass. Still fresh memories of trying to "Savings Bank" buy "Opel". About innovation, you can forget, and to meet the needs of the Russian market will go from 10 to 20 years, depending on the price of oil and gas to world markets.

We offer a comprehensive approach. In addition to the procurement of foreign scanners and their assembly in joint ventures, to begin serial production of the Public MRI scanner. Significant budget will be saved, health care in Russia in 2000 will receive a magnetic scanners for 3-4 years, while Russian manufacturers will go to the international market of high technologies.

To implement this approach, our company, "MTT Control" jointly with the International Tomography Center SB RAS under the leadership of Academician Renad Zinnurovich Sagdeev, has applied to the Ministry of Industry on the commercialization of the Public MRI scanner. To implement this program will require about 2% of the potential fiscal costs for the purchase of magnetic scanners abroad, and the savings can amount to 250 billion rubles.This is really new, innovative approach.

Our goal - to establish the process of organizing production actually available to the citizens of Russia magnetic scanners national design!

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