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The software system of manufacturing and accounting gaps «IDmatic»successfully used at the facilities of Bank of Russia for over 10 years!
The system is installed at the facilities of the Bank of Russia, located in more than 15 regions!
«IDmatic» is fully compliant with the Bank of Russia on the organization providesaccess control and registration, accounting and printing of all types of existingborder crossing documents.


«IDmatic» is a universal system that provides a broad range of tasks in the organization access control. Recently published version of «IDmatic» of 2009, which includes a number of new applications that extend the capabilities of its use.

Today's product line «IDmatic» represented by the following subsystems:
«IDmatic-kiosk '
«IDmatic-Postovaya Us»
The system «IDmatic» designed to automate the pass office and is fully compliant with the Bank of Russia on the organization of admission to the facilities of the Bank. The system provides clearance, registration and printing of all types of existing border crossing documents - one-time, temporary, permanent and material omissions. Automates the input, storage and retrieval of data about employees, customers and visitors. The system is implemented concurrent access to system functions for different categories of users. All operator actions and system events are recorded automatically in the event log.In the system of organized support for long-term archive storage. For your convenience, the system provides a number of service modules and options.
"OCR" - this option provides a scan of the document, the automatic allocation of the necessary areas and photographs, text recognition and auto complete fields of the database system «IDmatic». The document image is also stored in the database as an image file. Allows manual adjustment of the entered information into the system.
"Quick Registration" - This option allows for a few seconds to issue a one-time pass without a prior application. At the same visitor registration system is accomplished by scanning and recognition of various documents, with automatic filling of fields of the database system of training gaps. The use of this option reduces the service time of one person up to 10 seconds.
"Black list" - a system of «IDmatic» supports keeping the three special lists of persons with the possibility of entry into a person as well as a few lists, as well as keeping a special list of false documents. Provision is protected by means of deleting and editing of existing lists and filters to view data stored in them.
"Face recognition" - This software module provides an on-demand photo identification procedure statement (including a blacklist) persons in different modes, as well as visitors to search the database by photo.



The system "IDmatic-bar" provides automated control of entry and exit of employees and visitors to the territory on a temporary facility and a one-time passes on paper manufactured using a system of preparation and production permits «IDmatic». Applied to permit identification bar code, and CAT facility equipped with automated tools bar code reader, which provides automatic registration passes. The system allows to automate verification of permits and would implement the accounting entry and exit of employees and visitors. Also, the system can be applied not only paper badges with a bar code, and contactless cards. Also, the system implemented by management gateways and turnstile checkpoint.
Pass the remote subsystem Order "IDmatic-order" provides automated application development to pass in an electronic form, print out a paper application for viewing and signing, and automatic transmission applications in the system «IDmatic» in the form of "electronic paper". At the same time on the job passes the remote order received information on the admission application for execution (or failure in her performance with the reasons for refusal). The subsystem to provide informational support to the remote workstation permits in order of usage rules, monitoring the correctness of filling out forms, obtain statistical data. "IDmatic-order allows the use of electronic signature and is protected against unauthorized access.
Electronic terminal registration and issuance of permits to automate the function of registration and issuance of badges and paper badges with bar-code visitors facilities of the Bank of Russia. The terminal is designed to work in the complex engineering and technical protection of the object and is compatible with most common access control systems, on the market today.
The terminal provides:
- Independent visitor registration agencies and institutions without the participation of employee permits office,
- Automatically check for missing pre-orders in the database permits office,
- Scanning and recognition of the identity card visitor,
- Issuing a visitor badge, radio card or paper badges with a bar code with simultaneous recording of it in the access control facility
- Registration of employees, meet visitors (if necessary).
Application of an electronic terminal allows you to:
- To reduce the human factor,
- Increase the capacity of the pass office,
- Improve the security of the object.
According to its functional characteristics of the electronic terminal does not have analogues on the market of security systems. «IDmatic-kiosk" was recognized as the winner of "Best Innovative Product", held during the exhibition MIPS-2009.


Car plate recognition system based on high-resolution cameras to successfully meet the challenges of admission to the organization of transport facilities PPC Bank of Russia. Integration with the database permits office will automatically display the post of information on passing cars, as well as the pass people who are in the car, which is a unique feature for similar systems.
IDmatic-Car" provides:
- Recognition of numbers of cars entering the territory of the object through transport gateways checkpoint police posts,
- Screening and identification of vehicles by state numbers contained in the database permits office,
- Comparison of state numbers of vehicles entering the information about vehicles, is authorized to travel to the territory of the object in the database permits office, as well as the Pass of people who may be in the car,
- Maintenance of an electronic register of transport,
- Display information on grant or deny entry into the territory.
The system can also be integrated with a television security system and surveillance facility that will allow us to monitor the situation on the vehicle checkpoint.
System identification based on biometric data. The most common method of biometric identification is the identification of employees or visitors on the face (photo identification), as well as identification by fingerprint. Biometric identification can be used in organizing the passage through the checkpoint (bioidentification devices are installed inside the gateway CAT), as well as the organization of admission to the employee's workstation (using special terminals.) If necessary, in the process may also be periodic biometric identification.
The system is fully integrated with the preparation and production permits «IDmatic», which allows the use of biometric data in the design permits.
The system provides control of user access to workstations and implemented as an external and internal subsystems.
External subsystem «IDmatic-password" provides a connection and disconnection of a computer keyboard and mouse workstation in accordance with the powers of personal user card with a special reference terminal with built-in card reader and a video camera to detect the face.
Internal Subsystem «IDmatic-password" serves as access to computer software under the authority of the personal card user.
In the process, the subsystem performs monitoring functions. In the event of unauthorized access to the ARM system blocks access to a computer or software and provides a corresponding signal to the control of.
The system can operate in different modes and provide access to the workstation of one or more users.
The subsystem provides the transfer of personal and business data from the Bureau of gaps in the access control system. «IDmatic-CDS" provides a collaborative work with the most popular access control systems: Apollo, KABA, HID Edge, Northern Computers.
«IDmatic-Communication with guard post»
The system ensures that all communication functions guard IP-based telephone and communications control unit. «IDmatic-Postovaya link" enables accounting logging of system events, records of telephone calls and offers a number of service functions.
Subsystem «IDmatic-Analyst" provides system integration and production of training passes «IDmatic» the popular report generator Crystal Reports. Thus, an administrator or business unit manager may prepare and review analytical reports on the system «IDmatic» using all the capabilities of the software Crystal Reports, without interrupting or disrupting the work of preparation and production permits. All events occurring in the system, as well as information about any visitor or employee may be available for analysis in the form of reports in Crystal Reports. At the same time can be used by the search filters on various parameters.
In connection with the Law on the Protection of personal data, possibly fitting of additional equipment and systems as the release of regulatory documents that define the network of the Bank of Russia.
Group of Companies "Control" is working in the security market since 1992.The main products of the company are integrated complex security systems, automated preparation, accounting and production permits, digital television systems video surveillance systems, access control, life support systems.
The company provides a full range of studies of objects, the design, manufacture and supply of equipment, software, installation and commissioning, warranty and maintenance services.
Group of companies "control" has all the necessary certificates and licenses for work on design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of security systems in the Russian Federation, as well as works related to state secrets.Documentation and the company's projects meet the requirements of SNIP and GOST.



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