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A new generation of video systemsWorking with digital and analog video surveillance cameras. Image resolution - up to 11 Megapixels. Activity detector. Viewing, recording and transmission of frames on the network - up to 25 frames / sec. Support of archives records up to 36 terabytes, graphic planes of the object, the processing of information about alarms and events. Facial recognition in the on-line and off-line.

IP-video the next generation, possessing unsurpassed image quality, provide users with opportunities for setting up and management.


Group of Companies CONTROL designs and implements surveillance systems of any complexity, built on an IP-based technologies.
Working with digital and analog cameras, recording and transmission of still images over a network, support for digital archives, activity detector, such as facial recognition in the on-line and off-line - this is not a complete list of what modern CCTV systems are able to. With the advent of "digital" balance of power in the global video surveillance market has changed dramatically. More recently, there undivided sway analog video, and today it is safe to say that the palm belongs to the decisions of IP-based technologies. Today's IP-CCTV systems outperform similar video-based analog cameras as the cost of acquisition and cost of ownership. In this IP-video systems are more reliable, easy to maintain and can achieve much better image.

The video surveillance system is designed to build Xviewsion advanced digital video surveillance systems, video monitoring and protection for a wide range of objects. It provides:
- Video recording;
- Maintaining an archive and video archive of events;
- Registration of motion in a pre-selected areas;
- Programming of the system response to alarm events;
- Work through the network.

Xviewsion is a qualitatively new step in the organization of video surveillance of protected sites because it allows:
- Maintain an unlimited number of cameras that allows you to organize the surveillance of large and extended objects;
- To work through the Internet, providing video surveillance geographically distributed objects as well as allowing you to work with the system from a remote computer;
- Collaborate analog cameras and network IP-based cameras for a gradual transition from the old generation of analog video systems to use new digital camera by replacing only without changing the hardware processing and storage of video information;
- To work with color video cameras of high and ultrahigh resolution (up to 11 megapixels);
The video surveillance system Xviewsion easy to use - users are simple, convenient and intuitive interface.

Unparalleled functionality puts Xviewsion in one of the best CCTV systems leading manufacturers.

- Display on the monitor screens from any groups in camera mode, video matrix (2 × 2 to 6 × 6) and in the scheme of the object with the ability to control the size of video screens;
- Adjustable parameters in the workplace video from each camera and view images in the negative;
- The possibility of remote steering and focusing of cameras;
- Display a list of recent alarming events;
- Display alarm event space on the plan (scheme) object;
- Visual representation of the structure of video in a tree with the possibility of its management and reconfiguration

Recording video
- Video recording: continuous, motion detection, by operator, a signal alarm sensor.
- "Ring" record with a restriction: the free space on your hard disk by the maximum number of days.
- Support recording to multiple hard drives.

Video and archive events
- Instantly find and view a video shot on camera, date and time;
- Digital zoom and zoom the frame;
- Print reports displaying the selected video frames and complete characteristics of the events;
- The ability to export video to external media;
- The possibility of working remotely with video archive across all types of networks.

Join the movement at a pre-selected areas
- The possibility of constructing a zone traffic control of any shape and complexity;
- Possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the detector, the size of the detected object.

Programming the system response to alarm events
Ability to customize the reaction of the client program at each workplace to reports of certain events to the following list of possible actions:
- A sound when a message is received;
- Output to display a dialog box stating the message is received;
- Video matrix switching to a different number of cells when a message is received;
- Sending messages to another client when receiving the message;
- A conclusion at this workplace pre-programmed sound a voice message (for programming the voice message, simply type the text that is then read by the synthesizer);
- Write the message file to the folder specified computer network;
- Forward the received message is the same as another customer.

Working through a network of
Implementation of the following operations from a remote computer:
- Video surveillance in real time;
- Monitoring of alarm events;
- Remote viewing of video archive and an archive of events;
- Remote configuration of the system;
Provided support for most types of networks: local area networks, Internet, fiber optic, public switched telephone line, wireless mobile communications

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